Friday, April 22, 2016

Subscription Book Addiction: Month II

So I’ve been eagerly awaiting my two subscription book boxes this month.  The Fantasy and Sci Fi Box, @, came blissfully early and was a real treat.  As a fan of science fiction before fantasy, I absolutely loved the goodies included in this box. 
My Darth Vader coaster is perfect for keeping my work desk free of cup perspiration. 
An added bonus:  In the book, aliens landed in Minnesota!  I’m still waiting to find out if Mayo Clinic was decimated, because then I’d probably miss the alien excitement (because I’d be dead), but I’m excited to see how this story progresses.  Minnesota proud!  Hopefully, there are no “Fargo” movie stereotypes.  I’ve only read the first 5 chapters and am enjoying it so far!
Next was Uppercase, @  I suspended my Owl Crate this month because I’m a little sick of dystopian stories right now.  Thus, I tried Uppercase.  This monthly subscription box has included books that have been on my “to purchase” list the last three months.  They send autographed books.  There are bookmarks that list pages and codes to coordinate with bonus online content like behind-the-scenes stories from the author, polls, quizzes and discussion questions.  And there is bookish swag in the boxes!  So I figured I was in for a treat.  ESPECIALLY when the Facebook page mentioned goodies for Harry Potter fans (in more than one reference).  So I waited, mostly impatiently, but waited nonetheless.
Then I got an email saying shipping was delayed as one of their goodies got lost in transit.  Okay, I guess I’ll wait a few more days for my subscription, but my anticipation was quite high!  Then early this week I got the email: Your box is on its way!  Boy did I watch that tracking number.  The box arrived in 2 days!  Kudos to you, Uppercase!  Yay!  I could barely stand the rest of my work day to get home and tear the package open. 
I was extra excited because I had ordered an “Anne of Green Gables” themed scarf which would be arriving with my subscription.  It’s all about Anne preparing for her tea party with Diana, definitely a great scene in the book (one of many)!  Cute right? 
From the initial opening, I could see Harry Potter goodness.  Peeking in, I notice a lot packed into that tiny little bag!
I pull out the whole thing and began to peel things away one by one until I get to the book.  First items: an “I read YA” pin and Hagrid & Buckbeak magnetic bookmarks.  They’re so cute!  First two items are winners.

Next item is a Harry Potter-themed writing book labeled “The Book of Advanced Spells.”  CUTE!  It looks like there were variants of this book, and I'm very happy with mine.  Love it! 

Behind this was a print with a Harry Potter quote from one of my favorite characters, Sirius Black.  It reads “We've all got both light and dark inside us. What matters is the part we choose to act on. That's who we really are.”  So true.  Excellent quote choice! 

Next... time to unveil the book.  I could not even begin to guess, with all the magic contained in that one little bag, what it could possibly be???


Feeling deflated.

It sounds like this book is humorous and full of teen-girl empowerment.  So somewhat up my alley.  There were also book-themed stickers with it.  That is a lot of swag when you spread it out!  However, I was expecting a book about magic or witches or supernatural or something other than realistic fiction.  Hmm…  There are bonus items that I will need to check out.  There was a nice handwritten note from the person in charge of book choices addressed to “Jessi” (not everyone spells my first name right), and there is the bookmark bonus content to try out.  So there are some things to look forward to with this book experience.

Still, I hope it gets better the next month.  I’ll give Uppercase one more go.  The goodies were top notch!... but the book was a bit of a letdown. 

Next month’s Owl Crate theme is Steampunk.  This one might be interesting.  I do not have a lot of Steampunk books but am interesting in reading a few.  May’s Owl Crate should be a new adventure for me. 

However, at this point, I’ve been most satisfied with Fantasy/Sci Fi Box!!!  They’re specific enough to be completely up my alley each time but also full of surprises each time! 
We'll see what wonderful things next month has in store for me...