Books I'd Recommend for Hist-Fic Fans

Some of my favorite historical fiction books include (besides my book, of course!):

Gorgeously written, intuitive, and with extremely clever thought processes, this story is a fantastic journey into the life of a legend.

Incredibly inspiring and engaging prose.  Fast-paced, tightly woven story of hope and healing through faith.

Eye-opening, heart-wrenching, spiritually-uplifting, but mostly empowering.  There was no predictability in this storyline other than how Jesus’ life leading up to the crucifixion would unfold.

A non-fiction book not so much about the things/artifacts but about the people, their perspective, and is a celebration of life!  Mertz has a fantastic wit which personalizes the material.   The narrative is engaging and so unlike any other history book in that it's not dry or dull.  The author eloquently presents numerous schools of thought.  She also includes fun side stories pertaining to Egypt's archaeological pursuits.

There are many different points of view to connect with and see society through.   The characters are diverse, and the backdrop for the characters is rich.

Spanning 1000 years, the novel follows the shifting fortunes of two families through the ages.  Events in one chapter become legends and myths in the next.  Truly epic.

One of my favorite Biblical history novels.  The story is of a woman who is flawed and struggles with her faith but finds strength in God through the most dire of situations.

My favorite part was “the dance,” the external expression of one’s inner soul.  The descriptions of characters performing dances were beautiful and well-choreographed.  A sacred and beautiful journey into the ancient Mesopotamian desert.

Saadia has fluidity in her storytelling which keeps the pace up and the plot interesting.  She also brings out the beauty of this ancient society.  This story encompasses elements of romance, family secrets, politics, friendship, and war. 

Excellent historical basis, enchanting narrative, strong characterization of the main characters, hefty action, and character growth.  Warning, though, as there is a male-on-male sexual scene.

Vividly depicted by sights, sounds, and smells of ancient Egyptian city life.  An exciting and fascinating glimpse into the mindset and lifestyle of the ancient Egyptians.

Wonderful Egyptian setting focusing on overcoming the odds (being a descendant of Nefertiti).

See things through the eyes of those with leprosy in the time of Jesus' teachings.  Wonderful perspective on finding faith in God.

An escape into what life might have been like for the first ruler of a united Egypt and learning about what might have weighed on his heart, his reign, and his beliefs.

Star-crossed lovers, strong characters, and a colorful ancient world.  I keep hoping for a second book in this series.

Want to learn about tomb building an ancient Egypt?  This book is full of facts woven through an intricate plotline.

A rich and beautiful narrative.  Somewhat out-of-date information, however, a good story of a strong woman who easily shows others what a real woman is made of.

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