Sunday, July 24, 2016

STAR TREK DISCOVERY Comic-Con Trailer (2017) reaction

A new trailer, a new ship, and new NCC designation.  So what's in store for Trekkies around the globe?

Well, not really sure.  When the ship Discovery first rolled out in this trailer, I couldn't help but think "Klingon Bird of Prey?"  Though I understand the design is close to conceptual drawings for Star Trek: The Motion Picture.  However, panel members for press conferences have commented that the design of the ship is not final.  So we could be seeing something different come 2017. 

I'll definitely be looking forward to this new show and hope its something I can watch with the family just like I once watched TNG with mine while growing up. 

Friday, July 1, 2016

INDIE PRIDE DAY!!! #IndieBooksBeSeen

If you did not know from my other social media sites, or any social media site today really, its Indie Pride Day.  #IndiePrideDay and #IndieBooksBeSeen are about proving self-published authors are more than just a hashtag: we’re a revolution to the publishing industry, and to readers and authors around the world. Spread the bookworm love and support for #IndieBooksBeSeen on Friday July 1st 2016.

I'm excited to see things go live.  Here you can find a bio about me and my book on today's Book Blast:

I will also be answering questions and posting LIVE on Goodreads at 7 pm EST/6 pm CST TODAY.  I hope you can be there.  There may be a giveaway or two for a book and some swag. 

You can find that here:

I hope you'll show your support of local and indie authors.  There are so many great stories out there yet to be discovered!