I... love... reading!

I... love... reading!  What about you?  While I definitely get some good use out of my Kindle Fire, I most love paper books.  I love to flip through them, hold them, smell them.  Have you smelled an old book?  Its one of my favorite scents!  And I'm not talking about an old school library book either.  I have a book that's over 100 years old and came out shortly after the sinking of the Titanic.  Its a tactile treat to hold it and inhale its aged wisdom.  I also love used book stores.  It's like an Indiana Jones adventure for people addicted to books like me as I sift through the treasures.

As soon as I get home from work, I typically pick up my book.  I listen to my Kindle while riding the bus to and from work.  And I'm truly grateful to sites like Goodreads and NetGalley that offer giveaways of new mainstream and self-published works.  Its been amazing exploring the vast array of ideas and talents that's out there.

On Goodreads, I've registered as an author, joined groups, and even started my own group.  They have groups for readers, reviewers, and authors.  My group highlights awesome ancient historical fiction books.  Check out: Its OLD School - Ancient Style!  That's my group!  I've also benefited from advice and comments from self-published-author-oriented groups.  I highly recommend considering starting a profile on Goodreads (they don't pay me, I just like them lots) and exploring.

NetGalley is a great resource for book bloggers/reviewers.  You can apply for upcoming releases to review.  I've been graciously granted some really great books... including a couple by favorite authors like Michelle Moran and Lisa Genova!

Check out my website for my reviews.  I have a separate section for historical book reviews and self-published book reviews.  However, through it all, I try to keep it positive.  I will not typically post negative reviews of books.  I understand that authors expose their hearts in their work.  So I prefer to try to keep it as light as possible.  There will always be exceptions to the rules (I read a book where the main character was cheating on his wife with another woman, and he had a child with Down's syndrome - that disgusted me thoroughly).  But I try to be sensitive.  I'll post all my reviews on Goodreads.com, but on my website, I try to create a positive place to critique and praise other authors.

History book reviews: http://www.teasippinnerdymom.com/history-is-cool-history-book-reviews-fascinating-facts/history-book-reviews-fiction-non/

General fiction reviews: http://www.teasippinnerdymom.com/my-thoughts-book-non-historical-film/books/

Self-published book reviews: http://www.teasippinnerdymom.com/my-thoughts-book-non-historical-film/self-published-works-like-my-own/

If you have suggestions, please share!  I'd love to discover something new!

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