Thursday, July 2, 2015

First live appearance!

What a blast!  I was able to promote and sell my book with a group of local authors.  There is a weekly city event that hosts food vendors and artists from around the area.  This week I got to be a participant with the Rochester Authors Group booth!  And there are a lot of great books out there too.  Check out some of the talent:

I have never actually sold my book "live" before.  Typically, I just wait for a Bookbaby update on my sales.  But being able to speak with customers and autograph their purchases (personalizing them and everything) was so thrilling!

I love talking about my book and ancient Egypt and the writing process.  Today was fun.  Granted, standing for almost 3 hours was hard on the feet (it reminded me of how my feet hurt after the first day at Disney World!  That's an ache!), but it was so gratifying.  

I cannot wait for next week. If you're in the area, come on out!!! 

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