Tuesday, July 18, 2017

A Page from the Past Author Featurette

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Want to know more about our authors?  Here's a brief intro for a few of them.  Watch for more author featurettes later this week!

Kylie Quillinan

Kylie writes about women who defy society’s expectations. Her novels are for readers who like fantasy with a basis in history or mythology.  Her other interests include canine nutrition, jellyfish and zombies. She blames the disheveled state of her house on her dogs but she really just hates to clean.
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K. Bird Lincoln
K. Bird Lincoln is an ESL professional/writer/mother living on the windblown Minnesota Prairie with her family and a huge addiction to frou-frou coffee and chocolate. She also writes tasty speculative and YA fiction reviews under the name K. Bird Lincoln at Goodreads.com and Amazon. (Because sometimes reading a book is just like eating a bag of potato chips)
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Ruth Nestvold

These days, American author Ruth Nestvold writes mostly science fiction and fantasy.  She lives with her fantasy and her family and her books in a house with a turret and spends much of her free time among her roses in a garden on the outskirts of Stuttgart, Germany. She started out as an indie author with the first book of the Pendragon Chronicles in 2012.
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Angelique Conger

As a novice writer and publisher, I have spent years combing through Genesis to glean tidbits about ancient women. No one knows the true stories, not even their names. Even the stories of their husbands are lost. Now, I tell their thought-provoking stories as though they sat beside me, whispering into my ear in my series Ancient Matriarchs.
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